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We are all unique. We are all the same.


A wedding can take place in a church, synagogue or mosque - people will feel happniess. Someone can experience injustice in Australia, Africa or Asia - they will feel anger. We can trip over and injure ourselves in India, Brazil or Hungary - we will feel pain.


The ManyFACES project amplifies the three emotions happiness, anger and pain. Our message is to recognize that it doesn’t make a difference whether we are talking to a Hindu, a child, an asylum seeker or white collar worker in the city. In front of us are people who feel the same primal emotions as us: always.


Her happniess, her anger and her pain may be your happniess, your anger, your pain. As different as we may be, those fundamental emotions are the same for everyone. They are the lowest common denominator across all of us, with the greatest impact on humanity and society.


To show this, the manyFACES photo project portrays more than 1,000 people each showing these three core emotions.


Recognizing how similar we look when we experience happniess, anger and pain reduces fear of interpersonal contact, makes us move closer together and forget the artificial limits of faith, status or origin. Prejudice doesn’t help anyone, yet it arises often before we even start talking to each other.


manyFACES will shoot 3,000 photos of 1,000 different people and will use those in a large exhibition at the end of the project. The proceeds will be donated to social projects.


However, we still have a way to go to get to 1.000 different people. That's why we look out for more people to participate: not special people with specific faces, but you. How big or small, poor or rich, young or old you are, does not matter. Because: we are all unique. We are all the same.


You and everyone else can become part of our huge art project and counteract the worryingly increasing tendencies in our society.



June 2019, Artikel


June 2019, Artikel

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